Hey, I've been getting a ton of questions about what's going on in the market. Real quick, rates went up to 7. They dropped down to 5.99, kind of in the low sixes right now. Who knows exactly where they're going to go, but buyers seem to be accepting the new interest rates at 6%. So at some point, that's going to break loose. Pre-COVID, we had 237 active listings in the MLS. If you wanted to say, hey Jeremy, I'd like to go see a house, I could show you 237 choices from zero to all the way to the most expensive. Today, I just checked and there are only 54. During COVID, we had 30. We bumped up to 40, and that's when things slowed down in May of last year, and now we're in the 50s. So at some point, it's going to break loose. We're looking for houses. Give me a call, and I'd be happy to talk to you about yours and how we can get as much for it as possible.


Jeremy Farlow, Managing Broker

Farlow Real Estate Experts

Quincy, IL 62305


Farlow.zoodealio.com (click here for cash offers on your house)


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These numbers are from the Quincy, IL active residential homes in the MLS.