Hey, have you delayed your plans to buy a house because of how competitive the market was over the past few years? If so, hear this. Today's market is different. Here's a look at three trends that are good news for today's homebuyers. Number one, you have more homes to choose from. Since the same time last year, the number of homes for sale is up roughly 50%. So finding what you're looking for today isn't nearly as hard as it would have been a year ago. Number two, bidding wars have been erased. In just one year, the average number of offers on a home dropped from 3.7 to 2.4. That means you may face less intense competition from other buyers now. And number three, you have more negotiation power. 92% of recent sellers negotiated with buyers on things like lower prices, home repairs, and even covering closing costs. With these three trends, you've got something to get excited about. So if you're ready to kick off the home buying process, let's talk.