Top question that I get during this time of the year is, should I wait to put my house on the market until after the holidays? Or maybe you're just concerned about it or worried about putting your house on the market right now. Well these are the top three reasons that you should put your house on the market now instead of waiting. Number one, there are going to be a lot of people who have your same thought process that are waiting and so you have a lot more competition when it comes to January. Number two, we can avoid all of the delays. When you put your house on the market we've got to get it measured. We've got to schedule the photography. We've got to get the photography in there. We've got to set it in the MLS. That causes a lot of delay and if we can get going now we can be on the market long before everybody else hits. And then of course number three, the uncertainty of the interest rates which is going to put more downward pressure on the value of your home if it is higher come January. So those are the top three reasons. Let's connect. Let's get going. Let's get your house on the market.