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Jeremy Farlow

Managing Broker, GRI


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A Little About Jeremy:

Born in Quincy, four kids, no animals, and I love to race cars (I even have trophies for winning!).

Why I love Quincy:

I really do love living in Quincy. I love having the Mississippi nearby. I love the plays at the community theatre and the high school. I love being able to pick from four different hardware stores. I love the variety of restaurants we have available. I could go on and on. There’s a lot to love about Quincy.

Why I do what I do:

My story is kind of long why I ended up in real estate. Here’s the short version, I got bored with my previous job as a mechanical engineer. The constant International travel wore me out. I wanted to do something that allowed me to make a difference and where I got directly paid for my efforts. An investor found me at a house I had flipped, asked me to manage his, I got my license, and the rest is history. As I started, I made the conscience decision to get as good at this as I could. It’s been amazing to see how the expertise gained over the years has helped so many people move forward in what were potentially difficult circumstances. It’s pretty rewarding to be able to help people accomplish their goal of selling their house.

Something No One Would Know:

Everybody has something pretty interesting or perhaps many things that have happened to them. Somehow, I ended up with several. One of those is standing in line all night in Cleveland, OH waiting to be interviewed for The Apprentice. Another one was getting to do design work for the Stealth F117-A. So many others, feel free to ask. J

I'm dedicated to results & I want to be your realtor for life.


P.S.  I'd love to be your real estate resource...

Anytime you have a question about real estate, please ask. Who do I recommend for plumbing, heating, electrical? How much did my neighbors house sell for? What's happening in the market? Anything like this, please just ask.

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